Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inaugural Blog

Welcome all!

This is my debut into the blogosphere.   Seems like only yesterday that Al Gore invented the internet.  Heck, I remember the days of warming things up without a microwave.

Well, for my very first blog post, here is a recent painting, "Hilltop," 24x48.  It was just accepted to the 111th Annual Juried Art Exhibit of The New Haven Paint & Clay Club (  Wow!  William McKinley was in The White House during their first show.  Picasso had yet to take a detour that would turn the art world upside down.

Since The NHP&CC is geared toward contemporary art, I decided to enter this piece. It is based on the painting below that I did several years ago on location at Hammonassett State Park on the Connecticut shoreline.  The nature center is silhouetted atop the hill by the November afternoon light.

The original was 10x24, with less forground.  In my frustration to solve the problem of so much foreground in the new piece, I pulled a knife on my painting, and used bolder colors than in the more subdued original.  The intent was to pull the foreground closer to the viewer and create more depth looking back to the hilltop. I found the palette knife to be a great way to push the energy level of this piece, a nice departure from my usual assortment of brushes.

Well, thanks for visiting.  I look forward to doing more of this blogging thing and sharing many more of my paintings and thoughts with you.



  1. Congratulations Ken! The new blog looks great, Keep up the good work.

  2. Well your palette knife pulling paid off! I saw this piece at NHP&CC when I dropped off mine! It's just beautiful and very spontaneous looking. Nice 'inaugural' blog post too.

  3. I remember you painting those cards when you were on vacation (I think) way back when, you brought them into the office and showed me - I think you were hooked on painting at that point. Nice to see you doing something that seems to bring you joy yet keep your mind working.