Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I just painted this 12x24 in South Glastonbury, capturing the arrival of spring.  

Although I've often painted among these barns, this is the first time I had access to the western part of Horton's Farm.  What a spectacular view, looking back up with the morning sun raking down from behind the structures.  The emerging grass just glowed!  

Forsythia?  Well, I got a little cute with the title.  Two small forsythia bushes are back-lighted in the upper right corner.  I admit, coming up with titles is not my forte.

You wouldn't know it, but the wind on this brilliant spring morning was steady at about 15 knots!  I had to anchor my easel box by placing my backpack in it.  But, like the Irish proverb, the wind was rising up behind me, as my back was turned toward the Connecticut River. Much better than wind in my face, which really grabs the canvas like a sail.

A fellow painter, Kim Ruggiero (take a look at her beautiful work at:, commented that all the little barns on the horizon were like gathering people.  I like that. Reminds me of how the gestures of trees are sometimes quite anthropomorphic.